Heavy Construction Services in Louisiana

At F. J. Burnell, Inc., we use innovative techniques to work on all kinds of construction works. We have the experience of working on million-dollar highway construction projects. Our team collaborates with contractors on joint ventures to build high-standard infrastructure in Louisiana.


We have worked across various projects to provide demolition, building, site development, and excavation services.

Storm Drainage

Let us help you with the first-rate storm drainage construction services. We take pride in installing large storm drains with precision.

Base Course

We have the expertise to lay base courses on highway roads. Our team ensures that adequate testing is done to match specific requirements.

Stabilized Sub-grade

We offer ground and soil stabilization services. This process is essential before construction and site development.

Concrete Paving

Our team brings extensive knowledge of concrete paving services. We offer efficient, concrete paving services with distinction and consistency.

Highway Construction

F. J. Burnell, Inc. is a pioneer in providing road and highway construction contracting services. With the latest machinery and an expert crew, we can work on large construction projects.

Civil Construction

We offer civil construction services and bring our knowledge and skills to a wide range of projects. We can do the installation, construction, and fabrication.

Municipal Construction

F. J. Burnell, Inc. has worked with municipal and public works department to offer an extensive range of construction works, including constructing roads and pavements.

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