Construction Services Since 1992

F. J. Burnell, Inc. specializes in highway construction and site development that includes earthwork, storm drainage, and other heavy construction services. We have a reputation for quality work done on time and within budget.

Our Legacy

F. J. Burnell, Inc. was formed in 1992 as a construction company by Freida Jo “Missy” Burnell and her husband Billy. Hence, F. J. Burnell is derived from the family name. Missy and Billy sold the company in 1997 to her brother, Grover W. “Buster” Netherton.

About Grover W. Netherton

When Buster purchased  F. J. Burnell, Inc., he started from a small setup by operating equipment and performing other miscellaneous tasks. With diligence and hard work, he developed the workforce of the company to 10 crews and over 80 employees. Soon, the business was renamed F. J. Burnell, Inc. It currently does an average annual volume of approximately $15 million.

F.J.Burnell, Inc

Extensive Fleet of Construction Equipment

At F. J. Burnell, Inc., we have an extensive fleet of construction equipment. We are equipped with the latest machinery to help you with all kinds of construction services. We have two heavy-duty concrete plants - stationary plant and portable plant -for setup on projects.

We recycle concrete with our portable crushing operations.